Social Media, Book Signings & Why Neither Directly Impact Overall Sales

Daven Anderson:

The best sales pitch has always been Word Of Mouth. Going viral is simply the newest variation on this age-old theme.

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Original image via Rosaura Ochoa via Flikr Creative Commons

Original image via Rosaura Ochoa via Flikr Creative Commons

One of my AWESOME on-line pals posted something troublesome on my Facebook page. Apparently there is a recent article in a major writing magazine that declares social media does not sell books and, in a nutshell, isn’t worth the effort.I’ll warn you guys ahead of time that I went hunting for the article—at the last remaining Barnes & Noble within a 25 mile radius of my home—and couldn’t find said article (and have asked Kim to get me the specific issue). But, since this type of commentary is prevalent enough in the blogosphere, I feel I can address the overall thesis accurately enough.

Social Media Was NEVER About Selling Books Directly—Who KNEW?

Image via Flikr Creative Commons courtesy of Zoetnet.

Image via Flikr Creative Commons courtesy of Zoetnet.

I’ve been saying this for about ten years, because the idea of using social circles for sales is NOT new…

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Why Series are Becoming Hot, Hot, HOT! How Dragging Out the Pain is Good for Your Readers

Daven Anderson:

I always love those little tidbits in a series that don’t “pay off” until the next book.

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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Every setback is an opportunity for an even greater comeback. I love these words. No idea who said it, but it rocks. Life has a way of being awesome, amazing, fantastic…and a ROYAL @$$whipping, too. Not only is this quote great to hold close to our chests when life has us on the spin-cycle, this is a FABULOUS mantra for writing memorable, epic stories.

Hubby and I just finished a marathon session of gorging ourselves on Battlestar Galactica and are now careening through Caprica because it is backstory for BSG. I refuse to watch any show that doesn’t have at least four seasons complete, namely because, if I like a new show? Apparently it spells its DEATH for the new showThus, I don’t like getting too attached. I wait, then inhale an entire season a day.

Don’t judge. I know you do it too O_o.

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Drop Everything and Read This!

Daven Anderson:

Peter Wells, the King of Characters!

Originally posted on Lorna's Voice:

Well, I didn't mean everything you're wearing. Use some common sense, People!

Well, I didn’t mean drop everything you’re wearing. Use some common sense, People!

No, I don’t mean this post.

Although, you kind of have to read this post to know what I mean, don’t you?

Anywho. I’ talking about Peter Wells’ new novel, Living Life Backwards.

It’s great! I just finished reading it and, if you can believe it, it’s better than his blog–but only because it’s like a movie version of his blog.

five star

Here’s the review I put up on Amazon.

Peter Wells cannot be described as merely an accomplished breakout novelist. In his first book, as well as in his very popular blog, he has proven himself to be the most subtle of humorists, a most astute observer of human emotion and behavior, and the kind of philosopher I simply can’t get enough of.

This novel gets inside the minds and hearts of a cadre of characters…

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Merry Christmas!

Your Vampire meme

Vampire Syndrome

Daven Anderson:

Thank you for the great review, Jason Thayer!

Originally posted on Aspie Catholic:

I met another writer online named Daven Anderson. Thanks to our friendship via Facebook, he sent me an autographed copy of his book, Vampire Syndrome .

Daven is a supporter of people for people with special needs, such as those with autism or defects like Down Syndrome.  In fact, the main character in this book has Down Syndrome.

His hero is Jack, a track runner for Special Olympics in Colorado. He is bitten by a rabid vampire, causing him to become one himself.  This marks him as a target by a Chief Venator named Damien (think of them as “vampire hunters”).  Jack also has an ally in Lilith, the president of the vampires.

I found this book to be well-paced.  I liked the fact that Jack is often underestimated and uses this to his advantage.  With Lilith’s help, he quickly learns to adjust to his newfound abilities.  In Daven’s world…

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The Author’s Marathon: 10 Things To Remember

Daven Anderson:

A perfect summation of what really matters!
Thank you Bob Mayer!

Originally posted on Write on the River:

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s become a refrain of experienced authors to those rushing into the “gold mine” of self-publishing.

My first book came out in 1991.  My 53rd was published recently and I’m aiming to complete six books this year (4 down, 2 to go).  I made a living in traditional publishing for 20 years and an even better one in indie publishing the past several years.  I’ve written thrillers, science fiction, romance, an alibi, men’s adventure, hit-women, non-fiction on writing, non-fiction on team-building, a confession, a musical, Michael Crichton type books, and more.

One of those is a lie.  Perhaps two.  Perhaps that’s a lie.

backgroundOn twitter I notice that the Chicago Marathon is off and running today.  I’ve run a bunch of marathons (none recently) including NY, Boston, Marine Corps, Jooisy Shore and others.  So let me tell you what I’ve learned about the…

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The Vampire Tarot

Daven Anderson:

Awesome, David McDowell Blue!

Originally posted on The Ravings of a Sick Mind:

Check out this awesome Vampire Tarot idea created by artist David McDowell Blue!


































Like what you see? Find more at his site:

I loved some of his choices, but by my count (haha) there remain some cards left to complete the set so what would you like to see added? Personally, I’d love to see some of the Lost Boys of the gang from Fright Night make an appearance, perhaps Jessie or Severen from Near Dark. 

Make your music heard in the comments, children of the night!

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