Dream date with a writer, versus your date

So, my dear lady, you’re going out on a date with a writer?

Let us wax poetic on the differences between what you anticipate, and what you will get.

“Dream Date with a Writer, versus Your Date”,  by:

  • Dream Date:
    Writes novels about an Old West Sheriff saving damsels in distress.
  • Your Date:
    Writes gory novels about serial killers.
  • Dream Date:
    Dating women so he can empathize with his dashing Old West Sheriff protagonist.
  • Your Date:
    Dating women takes his mind off his ex-wife, so he won’t empathize with his serial killer protagonist.
  • Dream Date:
    Takes you for a sunset drive on a scenic mountain road–
  • Your Date:
    –at 100+ mph, so you “really get the feel” of his climactic car chase scene.
  • Dream Date:
    Learned Spanish to deepen his appreciation of foreign films–
  • Your Date:
    — or so he could insult janitors in their native tongue.
  • Dream Date:
    Brings you flowers–
  • Your Date:
    –that he was going to give to his ex-wife, until he decided not to bother apologizing to her.
  • Dream Date:
    Keeps up with popular culture for story ideas and research purposes.
  • Your Date:
    “Kill Your T.V.” cultural elitist who considers you beneath pond scum because you admitted that you watched “Jersey Shore” once.
  • Dream Date:
    Published in hardcover
  • Your Date:

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