The Mysteries Of Aging

USA Today: Down Syndrome patients could unlock mysteries of aging

A key point in my novel is that those who are “disabled” may be “gifted” in other ways. The phrase “differently abled” can express this fundamental principle.

Down Syndrome individuals face numerous health challenges, but (as the above linked article shows) they also have some important health advantages.
“people with Down syndrome virtually never develop high blood pressure, heart attacks or hardening of the arteries”
They may even hold the key to the cure for cancer.
“Researchers already are trying to develop anti-cancer treatments based on genes found on (Down Syndrome) chromosome 21, says Roger Reeves of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine”

My novel’s protagonist Jack Wendell struggles with the vampire community’s long-standing prejudices against special-needs individuals. His situation becomes very interesting when it’s revealed that another group of vampires, the Pures, view him as being “gifted” instead of “disabled”.


  1. Great post Daven. The USA today article is also quite enlightening. One of my favorite things about your novel, and certainly one of its strengths, is your Down Syndrome protagonist. Not only does it set your novel apart from other vampire stories, it also lends a bit of innocence and tenderness to it. Keep up the good work, my friend.

  2. Our friend Chris Devlin enjoys my story most when it’s told from Jack’s point of view 😉

  3. Love this story Daven! You always have a knack of bringing something unique to our attention… Especially Jack!!! I love him so much! Thanks, Emily

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