Tattered Cover Press

If you’re an author living in the Denver area, and are even slightly interested in e-publishing your book, you really, really want to check out the Tattered Cover Book Store‘s new Print On Demand services.

Read more about the specifics here.

I am beyond thrilled about Tattered Cover’s new venture. 😀 Starting their own small press is a brilliant strategy to ensure their long-term survival and prosperity in this new age of publishing.

This venture benefits the Tattered Cover Press and their authors. You, the author, get the freedom of e-publishing on Google Books, placement in Tattered Cover’s eBook store, and physical paper books on demand.

As much as I may admire the freedom of e-books and self-publishing, there’s no substitute for actual paper books. Tattered Cover’s Print On Demand services has you covered, either way. 😀

Kristen Lamb: Bracing for Impact–The Future of Big Publishing in the New Paradigm



  1. Yay, Tattered Cover!

  2. Another goodie: If you’re lucky, T.C. will pick your physical book for “local author” shelf space. You’d have to pay a consignment fee for the books they put on the shelf, but unpublished authors would find it an honor to be selected. Again, win-win. 🙂

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