Authors gone wild! (I’ll say!)

Here’s a real gem:
Authors Gone Wild! 5 Ways Your Blog Is Out Of Control, by Tamela Buhrke

Section #4, “Take a stand”, is what really caught my attention.

my female characters will never date vampires.
This sentence implies all of her female characters are non-vampires, and that her vampires are all men. Not very realistic odds, considering 51% of the human race is female. This takes the overdone “vampire male romances human female” trope to a new extreme. Said trope was one of the major reasons motivating me to craft a “non-romance” vampire story.

Vampires are predators. I don’t want to encourage women (emphasis added) to lust after predators.
So if men lust after predators, this is okay? 😈
If all the vampires in her universe are male, she is then implying by default that only men can be destructive predators. 😯

Is it because I’m a vampire racist?
Vampire sexist is more like it! 👿

The sparkly-romance vampire people will disagree.
Even in Stephenie Meyer’s universe, females and males deal on equal terms with their inner predatory urges. Bella Swan’s desire to become a vampire makes this a key focal point.
Here I was, thinking “Twilight” was a bit sexist. Compared to Buhrke’s “only men can be monsters” ideology, I owe Stephenie Meyer an apology! (although Edward Cullen is still a Grade-A USDA Choice “waltz-through-Bella’s-bedroom-window-like-it’s-nothing” stalker 😉 …)

All of this is excellent motivation for me to finish my novel about an all-female werewolf pack. 😈
(yes, there are male and female werewolves in this universe…)



  1. oh contrare mon ami… the appeal of a vampire boyfriend is so appealing… What’s not to like? The sexy white smile. The wonderful repartee? The history of a creature that’s been on the Earth for a long time? The wonderful body of a perfectly sculptured man? Wow… some people are just not able to take anyone or anything out of mainstream… When you swim with the mainstream, you miss all the wonderful and lovely creature that live in the small pools of water on the outskirts!! Just saying… 😉

    • Since I am a huge fan of sexy female vampires :twisted:, the points you make are quite valid. The real reason why “vampire male romances human female” is number one in the category is because there aren’t enough men writing “vampire female romances human male” stories (which I could have done, but I had something more ground-breaking in mind). The originality and depth of your Light-Bearer vs. Blood-Hunter back story far exceeds what you usually find in paranormal romances.

      • Well, hopefully, “The Light-Bearer Series” encompasses a lot more than the first five novels. I have in mind a completely huge series which involves all sorts of supernatural and human scenarios. I am not the least bit concerned of the “popular” connotations of the supernatural… I am visualizing a whole new picture of the characters I will write for. I love VAMPIRES, don’t get me wrong but I am sick to death of being told by other popular novels how I should write for them! Thanks and have a super day! I wish I could be out driving my Charger… but alas I have to make money at my day job. At least it is at a college where I don’t have the usual constraints of an office job. That means, the youth stir things up with their impetuousness and it’s fun to see the wonderful faces looking for adventure and education! See ya and hope to write soon! Email me if you wish Emily:)

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