One less entry on my bucket list

For my 50th post, some pictures from my road trip to Forks, Washington 😀


  1. Dude, I love how your car is the star of your road trip. Those are great photos, thanks for sharing them.

    • I forgot to bring my tripod…:)

      In the gear-head world, having a classic car that’s road-worthy enough to take a long distance road trip is a major accomplishment. The world is full of “trailer queens”, vintage autos that look showroom-new, but you’d be lucky if the car made it to the 7-11 and back under its own power.

      My goal was to park my wagon next to Bella’s 1953 Chevy truck in Forks. Done! There’s even a 1963 Chevy truck (Bella’s movie truck) in the right of photo six.

  2. Nice! I think that’s the MalCn10 cover car from days of yore!!

  3. […] Rica a year later. I myself fulfilled a bucket list dream by driving my 1960 Plymouth station wagon on a 3,000+ mile road trip from Denver to northern Washington state (and back) in 2012. Which cost more than first-class […]

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