Best political ad campaign ever

In my undecided, unaffiliated, swinging home state of Colorado, we are besieged under the weight of endless political ads from both sides filling up almost every ad slot in every variant of local media. Not to mention that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are holding their first debate at Denver University tonight. The roads around me will be a traffic nightmare, so I’m staying home.

Since those of you in Colorado (or any other “battleground” state) have seen, heard or read virtually every Obama and Romney ad (placed either by their campaigns directly, or PAC’s), I would like to offer you a bit of relief from lame U.S. campaign ads by showcasing the straightforward, honest approach of Poland’s Jędrzej Wijas, a 34-year-old PhD graduate from the Polish academy of sciences, and an SLD (Democratic Left Alliance) candidate in the Polish parliamentary elections.

No candidate in the U.S. will ever come close to the courage and conviction displayed by Poland’s Jędrzej Wijas when he chose to air his “Konkretny Przekaz” (“Concrete Message”) ad.

  • Here’s an English translation of his statements in the ad:
    “End of the useless talking, Enough of the stupid wars, Secular government, Dignified life, Freedom, Is my goal, Vote wisely” Jędrzej, who are you addressing this ‘concrete’ message to?

    Jędrzej Wijas: It’s for people who no-one has tried to communicate with. I’m talking about the people who are incongruous on the streets just because they wear black or distinguish themselves by their appearance. It’s for the people who are judged, particularly by the hierarchy of the church. I know this environment. I’m a fan of that sound. I go to rock concerts and I know that you can meet all sorts of people there. This song is a nod in their direction.

    America needs more politicians like Jędrzej Wijas, with the courage to speak their views honestly, without diluting themselves (or their ads) to appease the “middle ground”. ~ Jędrzej Wijas: Polish election candidate’s heavy metal campaign


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