Mactus e-book, free on Amazon Oct. 6 and 7

If you’re searching for YA paranormal romance, and you decided to check out my blog because it’s called “Vampire Syndrome”, I have some good news for you.

Emily Guido’s novel Mactus, book two of The Light-Bearer Series, will be free on Amazon this weekend (Sat. Oct 6, Sun. Oct 7).
Her latest blog post features the action-packed chapter “Soaring“.

I must admit that her YA paranormal romance is quite different from my novel “Vampire Syndrome”, which is an adult-reader urban paranormal, and not a romance. But her Light-Bearer Series and my Vampire Syndrome saga have a common theme.

Fighting prejudice.

In Emily’s series, Tabbruis (A sanguinarian Blood-Hunter) meets his soul-mate Charmeine (a lightning-throwing Light-Bearer). Their kindred are prejudiced against one another, so Tabbruis and Charmeine will have to fight to survive (and raise their family!)

In Vampire Syndrome, newly-turned Jack Wendell, born with Down Syndrome, quickly discovers the vampire community’s long-standing prejudice against special-needs vampires like himself. Jack has to convince other vampires that he is an asset to their community. Even winning over powerful allies will not end Jack’s problems, because Jack discovers the human vampires have a fearsome enemy, the Pure (alien) vampires. And the Pures want Jack to be their servant. 😈

Two different sagas, two different sub-genres of paranormal, but under all that, one underlying theme. We have to learn to overcome our differences and find common ground, to survive, and to thrive. 🙂

This is why I’m proud to feature Emily’s novel on my blog.



  1. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! Oh how well you said it!!! No one has ever put it so concisely! Prejudice against one kind against another is the basis for “The Light-Bearer Series” !!! However, are books are different, the same common thread is there. THANK YOU for this and your comments are always fun and thought-provoking! I am putting your novels on my MUST TBR list! Going to Amazon NOW!!! Thanks again, Emily

    • your comments are always fun and thought-provoking!
      Thank you for your wonderful compliment, and I hope people think the same thing about my stories.

  2. Reblogged this on "The Light-Bearer Series" Novelist, Emily Guido and commented:
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  3. Nicely stated. You make a good case for both books.

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  5. […] Daven Anderson author of “Vampire Syndrome” one of the most break through books about ac… […]

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