Mary Sue Wants To Die Forever

My short story “Mary Sue Wants To Die Forever” is now featured in Fresh Blood (Vampire Writers Support Group Anthology, Volume 1)


  1. Heh. Awesomesauce, dude. Very clever and full of pop culture reference-y goodness. Cheers.

    • When small buses (like the Ford E-450 above) are used by cities or school districts, the politically incorrect slang “short buses” refers to their use in transporting special-needs riders. The fact that such a bus is used for the tour might be why my un-named driver (who might be just a bit prejudiced, ahem) calls it an “E-450 short bus.”

  2. Great story Daven. Loved every toothsome bit of it.

    • When I was on First Beach at La Push in July 2010, one of the natives described it as the real fake beach (as opposed to the movie beach in Oregon). What a great line… 😈

      • Lol!

        I’ve been to First Beach as well. I have relatives in Puyallup. I haven’t been since the books/movies.

        I love the line too.

  3. Reblogged this on deadlyeverafter and commented:
    Read the cool stuff our friend Daven wrote. Then go support him on Authonomy. No pressure, just go.

  4. Didn’t see that ending coming, I just thought she was going to off herself in Bella’s bedroom. Nice.


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