When opposites attract, are they opposites?

I’ve been reading the five novels (so far) in Emily Guido’s Light-Bearer Series.

The central theme is “opposites attract.” The Light-Bearer (angel) Charmeine and her eternal soul mate, Blood-Hunter (vampire) Tabbruis, battle those prejudiced against their “forbidden” mixed relationship (much like my character Jack must overcome his community’s prejudice against special-needs vampires).

As you delve deeper and deeper into the saga, the question becomes: Are the attracting “opposites” in fact opposites, or merely two sides of the same coin?

1992-S JFK Half Dollar

My main character Jack Wendell’s lucky 1992 JFK Half Dollar

In Ransom, Emily titled Chapter 15 “No Shades Of Grey” :twisted:, but by the time we’re that deep into the fifth book of the Series, a whole palette of morality’s grey shades unfolds before your eyes. Just like in Vampire Syndrome: Are the villains really villains from their points of view? Or even the hero’s? A good story makes the hero question who are the heroes and villains. A great story leaves readers with questions of their own. Emily’s Series accomplishes just that, and I would say my work does the same. In Ransom, what is the titular “ransom?” Not what you would you think (even after the end of book 4, Seditious)!

What seems to be a clear “black & white”, “good vs. evil” world in book 1, Charmeine, evolves into a world painted in expressionist flourishes of greyed moral choices.

Leaving us to question if there are even “heroes” and “villains.” We are all but actors on this stage play that we call “life.” The two sides of the coin, telling the tales, singing the songs, same at our core despite our differences. All of our parts important, whether we play hero or villain. All of our free will acting alongside the supreme intelligence force driving the universe, which some would simply call God.


  1. These are in my tbr pile 😀

  2. Daven, the points you bring up are exactly what I was trying to convey! It’s too bad that people can’t read the whole series and take in all that it has to offer because book one is just the base of the series and by the time we get into Ransom… we have gotten a huge helping of meat and potatoes! Thanks, Emily

  3. Reblogged this on "The Light-Bearer Series" Novelist, Emily Guido and commented:
    Wonderful explanation of “The Light-Bearer Series”!!! It’s too bad that people judge the series by the first book Charmeine because it has just the base of the soup, so to speak. However, if you read through to Ransom, you get the meat and potatoes of “The Light-Bearer Series”! I hope you read and enjoy. Thanks to Daven Anderson an accomplished novelist in his own right with “Vampire Syndrome” a wonderful novel I highly recommend! Thanks, Emily

  4. Note to Katrina Perkins: If they ever make a Vampire Syndrome movie, they would need a redhead (in her 30’s/early 40’s) to play Lilith Morrigan, current President of the Vampires (born 1703 a.d. in Belfast, Ireland; need I say more?) Her 253-year love/hate relationship with her husband Damien would need some subtlety in acting chops to make her “human”, not over-the-top… 😈

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