Hell froze over.

I’m on Facebook. 😯

Finally, I have someplace else to put a photo of DIA’s Blue Mustang.
DIA Blue Mustang August 11 2012

And proffer some the wisdom learned from my life experiences:
Oh Shit moment



  1. Wow those pigs sure can fly!!! I’m glad you came to the dark side bwahaha!!!! Emily 😉

  2. FB is a nice place to be, be sure to drop on by and say Hi on my fanpage!

    • My fanpage will be up shortly…
      Good thing, too, because my personal page is so locked down I can’t even have a working Like button here for it! 😈

      • Locked Down? Maybe you need to do some customizing on your page??

      • I did customize it, that’s why it’s locked down… 😈

      • oh…sorry

  3. YEAH!!! Fanpage, fanpage, fanpage!!! SQUEEEE!!!! Have TC design a banner for you like he did on my fanpage. Hey are you a fan of mine??? https://www.facebook.com/thelightbearernovelist?ref=hl Thanks, Emily

  4. Oh noes, the Mayans must be right. 🙂

    Good to see you on the Face, though I’m wondering about the viability of the monster now that they’re starting to charge to push posts. But t’s still fun.

    • “I’m wondering about the viability of the monster”

      Especially with the shift to mobile platforms with less advertising space on the screen!

      Despite my dip into the punchbowl of social network kool-aid, that doesn’t mean I’d want to invest in Facebook.

      Facebook stock is worth $7.50 a share at best


      • You never know of viability until you try!

      • We meant the viability of Facebook in the long run as a company. And FB stock: In terms of market capitalization, projected “growth” (or not!) and price/earnings ratio, you’d be better off investing in vintage PEZ candy dispensers. 😈

      • I know that!!! I’m in MBA school… Geez Louise! I was just joking around!!! Also the fact that you never know if your expansion into Facebook may be a big break. That is where TC found me, and I got published!

      • Exactly! People on Facebook (like you!) are benefiting tremendously from the exposure, and what does the company get in return? 😕 May as well take a free ride on their dime, right? 😈

  5. I have nominated you for several awards! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lots of love, Emily

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