Every so often, you have to tell it like it is. 🙂

Xena: Fighter



  1. Do what you gotta do, Emily! Be strong! There are always gonna be naysayers. Have to grow a thick skin and weather the squalls. You also can’t please everyone. I know, lots of platitudes, but in this case I think they fit the bill, pardon that last pun. The sentiment is genuine. Barrel forward into 2013!!!

    • P.S. It was also nice to see a little personal, heartfelt expression, here! A little “bleeding on the page,” if you will, for a Vampire blog (hope you understand what I mean, here :-] )!

      • Apologies! Seems I got ahead of myself! Read so many blogs this weekend lost track of what blogs post what…so, feel free to delete the ABOVE “P.S.” comment. Vampire Syndrome does post more than fiction excerpts. Yeah, kinda embarrassed…. :-\ Sigh.

    • Thank you for your understanding and support. It is hard to take cyber-bullying in the form of a review. However, I have to remember the struggle it took just to be here today. Plus my “ANGELS” or wonderful friends that I have met along the way won’t let me quit. They urge me to go on and rally my spirit! Karma… is something I firmly believe in. I know if you give hate, you get hate. So I always try to give positive energy out to others… no matter how I feel. Thanks for your kind words. Lots of love, Emily

      Thank you Daven for re-blogging this!!! I think you are an Angel! Lots of love, Emily

      • You’re most welcome, Emily! :-]

  2. It’s hard to think of how to respond to bad reviews, but Emily did a wonderful job of it and she has received a strong show of support!
    Yay, Emily! I just wanted to say “Great Job!”

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