Man with Down Syndrome runs N.M. restaurant

ABC News: Man with Down Syndrome runs N.M. restaurant

Tim’s Place

CBS News: Tim’s Place restaurant takes unique approach thanks to special owner

I dedicate this post to the reviewer who said my character Jack Wendell was too cognizant to have Down Syndrome. I’d be only too happy to invite them to share a lunch with me at Tim’s Place.




  1. BRAVO!!!! Point well taken. My brother drives a car, works full time and shares a house with a roommate. However, he’s still learning impaired. That reviewer was IGNORANT of how mentally disabled people are. Some are just as functional but still have the inabilities to capture all of what our brains do! Well said!!! Emily

    • The reviews that matter to me are from people who have special-needs friends and family members, and they say jack’s POV is right on target! 😀

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