The Uninvited—LIVE at Smashwords!

Grab this while it’s free! Congratulations, Frank!

Runnin Off at the Mouth....

Well, I erred!

I was just trying to see if I could upload my book into Smashwords and have it ready to go live later, but, apparently (and I downloaded a copy to check it), it’s available right now, my friends!  Yeah, The Uninvited, 12 years in the making, is now available FOR FREE at Smashwords (only for a couple weeks)!

Click here to go to The Uninvited Smashwords page.

Well, there it is, where the rubber hits the road. I hope you all enjoy it, and please, write up some reviews and post!  Feel free to copy the cover and use it, but attribute the proper copyright, please.

Also, please let me know about any viewing/formatting errors.

I look forward to hearing from you about your reading experiences!

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  1. Thanks, and thanks for the reblog, Daven! Greatly appreciated!

    I just uploaded into Amazon’s KDP, and had to set a price for $3.99 (couldn’t see a way to make it free), so, yeah, get it while it’s free, at Smashwords! :-]

    • Ironically, the biggest problem with DIY pubbing on Amazon is that you can’t make your e-book Free all the time. Only on the promo days, or to Prime members if you sign up for KDP Select (which excludes every other outlet for a minimum of 90 days). My book was never on KDP Select in its original DIY form, but the PDMI-published version is.

      • I’m fine with that; it’s just free until the end of the month. Wasn’t sure if I could do that at KDP. Not going KDP Select, but thanks for that clarification!

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