Robert Galbraith = J.K. Rowling

SFGate: Every Aspiring Author Should Be Depressed By J.K. Rowling’s Pseudonymous Publishing Stunt

Really? She sold only 1500 books as “Robert Galbraith” before being outed. This despite near-universal positive reviews and critical acclaim.

How many thousands of authors can now ‘honestly’ claim they out-sold J.K. Rowling?! 😈

Depressed? Hell, if she only sold 1500 copies without her name, I am freaking walking on air here! 😉

The positive reviews “Robert Galbraith” received would (and should) mean far more to Joanne than money (she has enough £££ already). She has proven herself to be thought of as a great writer, even under a pseudonym. A “win” money can’t buy.

SFGate: What’s worse; there’s the revelation that some publishers, such as Kate Mills of Orion Publishing, actually turned down the book when the author was listed as “Galbraith.”

SFGate forgot to mention that “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was rejected 14 times itself!

The Social Responsibility of a Writer


The message I send to my readers is that my protagonist Jack Wendell, born with Down Syndrome, is a wise, dignified hero. Even if he is a Vampire!

Tee Ayer Fantasy Author

Every writer wants to write a novel that flies off the shelves like baked beans before Y2K. But no matter what we write it would be irresponsible not to consider the effect our novel will have on it’s reader.

Do all authors think about the social relevance of their MS? Many do. Many writers want to send a message to their readers, more so in the YA genre than any other. Not because kids are impressionable, and not because they cannot think for themselves, but because as with social interaction a literary work should have something relevant to say. It is why we learn to check our WIP to ensure our theme is consistent, and the goal of our MC is also consistent thorughout the piece.

Read any classic and there is a moral to the story. Isn’t it always a story within a story? Fable and legends, fairy…

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A few quotes from “Vampire Conspiracy”

I’m currently working on “Vampire Conspiracy”, the second novel of the “Vampire Syndrome” trilogy. A few glimpses into what awaits you:

  • “Welcome to Romania,” Stacy announces over the intercom. I hope this isn’t “welcome to my death.”
  • Damien leads us down the metal stairs. He points to a big black car and says “Dorel loaned me a CL65 AMG.” Funny, it looks like a Mercedes to me.
    • “Having second thoughts, Jack?”
      “First thoughts, actually.”
  • A face of stunning beauty and ravenous terror. An elegant destroyer of nations.
    • Congratulations, Jack. You’re now a literary critic. Of course, you’ll have to get in line behind the three hundred-plus other critics who said the exact same thing.
  • Count Dracula may have had a cool castle, but we have dishwashers. In the movie, Dracula made dinner for that one guy. It would really suck to be Dracula and have to wash your guests’ dishes in the sink after they ate dinner.
  • The mental image of Count Dracula washing dishes refuses to leave my head…


    The Independence Day: Dream Big

    Tracee said it all!

    Tracee Ford

    Have you ever sat back and contemplated the cost of freedom; the precious price paid for independence? This not only applies to our beautiful United States, but also in our own personal journeys.

    Today, I want to say “thank you” to all of our servicemen and women who’ve sacrificed themselves for our great nation. It’s because of the vision of our founding fathers and every person who’ve defended this country that we have freedom and independence today.

    Wonder-Woman-flagI would also like to offer encouragement to those out there that are struggling to either find their own independence or those who have found it but are struggling to maintain it. Becoming independent in your own life is never easy. It takes hard work, determination, and most of all, courage. Don’t give up. The end result is worth it.

    I am very thankful for my independence and not a day goes by…

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