A few quotes from “Vampire Conspiracy”

I’m currently working on “Vampire Conspiracy”, the second novel of the “Vampire Syndrome” trilogy. A few glimpses into what awaits you:

  • “Welcome to Romania,” Stacy announces over the intercom. I hope this isn’t “welcome to my death.”
  • Damien leads us down the metal stairs. He points to a big black car and says “Dorel loaned me a CL65 AMG.” Funny, it looks like a Mercedes to me.
    • “Having second thoughts, Jack?”
      “First thoughts, actually.”
  • A face of stunning beauty and ravenous terror. An elegant destroyer of nations.
    • Congratulations, Jack. You’re now a literary critic. Of course, you’ll have to get in line behind the three hundred-plus other critics who said the exact same thing.
  • Count Dracula may have had a cool castle, but we have dishwashers. In the movie, Dracula made dinner for that one guy. It would really suck to be Dracula and have to wash your guests’ dishes in the sink after they ate dinner.
  • The mental image of Count Dracula washing dishes refuses to leave my head…




    1. Daven, this is going to be cool. So glad to see you working on the sequel!


    2. Daven,
      SUCH A GREAT EXCERPT!!! Lots of love, Emily

      • Short excerpts, didn’t want to give too much away… 😉
        (except for poor Dracula having to scrub dishes…)

        All my best wishes to you, Emily! 🙂

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