The Social Responsibility of a Writer


The message I send to my readers is that my protagonist Jack Wendell, born with Down Syndrome, is a wise, dignified hero. Even if he is a Vampire!

T.G. Ayer Fantasy Author

Every writer wants to write a novel that flies off the shelves like baked beans before Y2K. But no matter what we write it would be irresponsible not to consider the effect our novel will have on it’s reader.

Do all authors think about the social relevance of their MS? Many do. Many writers want to send a message to their readers, more so in the YA genre than any other. Not because kids are impressionable, and not because they cannot think for themselves, but because as with social interaction a literary work should have something relevant to say. It is why we learn to check our WIP to ensure our theme is consistent, and the goal of our MC is also consistent thorughout the piece.

Read any classic and there is a moral to the story. Isn’t it always a story within a story? Fable and legends, fairy…

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