Robert Galbraith = J.K. Rowling

SFGate: Every Aspiring Author Should Be Depressed By J.K. Rowling’s Pseudonymous Publishing Stunt

Really? She sold only 1500 books as “Robert Galbraith” before being outed. This despite near-universal positive reviews and critical acclaim.

How many thousands of authors can now ‘honestly’ claim they out-sold J.K. Rowling?! 😈

Depressed? Hell, if she only sold 1500 copies without her name, I am freaking walking on air here! 😉

The positive reviews “Robert Galbraith” received would (and should) mean far more to Joanne than money (she has enough £££ already). She has proven herself to be thought of as a great writer, even under a pseudonym. A “win” money can’t buy.

SFGate: What’s worse; there’s the revelation that some publishers, such as Kate Mills of Orion Publishing, actually turned down the book when the author was listed as “Galbraith.”

SFGate forgot to mention that “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was rejected 14 times itself!



  1. I don’t understand the excitement over this. Let Ms Rowling have some fun with her work.

    A lot of authors – more than any of us can even imagine – do the same thing. Writing under a bunch of different pen names isn’t new.

    I write under 4 different names (gasp, including the one my parents gave me). No I’m not famous (yet,) but when I do become famous, I don’t expect anyone to get all flustered about who I publish with and under what name.

    • Joanne was ecstatic over the great reviews “Robert Galbraith” received, I’m sure!

      Indeed, “nom de plumes” are a timeless literary tradition.
      Look no further than “Mark Twain”

      I would love it if someone thought “Daven Anderson” was a pen name… 😉

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