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Deadly Ever After

Today’s Brew:  Champagne!

by Kristen

Picture it, Whiskey Tango Boulevard. Not as you know and love it today, but in the late 1980s.  Two teenage girls with bad hair, a love of fantasy, and a notebook pass their free time.  They filled that notebook with ridiculous stories about their friends and rock stars.  When they weren’t in the house, the dark haired girl would tell the blonde stories of her “dreams” to entertain her. They would pass notes between classes full of more of the same.  Their wild imaginations could not be stopped.

Move forward a few years, to when the brunette tells the blonde that she’s going to major in business in college.  The blonde thinks this is the most ridiculous thing she’s ever heard.  You don’t want to business, she tells the brunette.  You want to write.  The brunette majors in creative writing and still manages to go…

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  1. Thank you so much, Daven! Remember Authonomy? ME EITHER.

    • I remember it.

      A good idea in concept, but the “popularity contest” jockeying for position/votes limited its effectiveness (unless you had chess-gamed your way to #1)

      • We did learn a lot on Authonomy, but once it revealed itself as the popularity contest that it was, it soured it’s charm. Even if you made it to the top 5, your chances of getting a deal were slim to none.

        I think all of us with a dream prefer to focus on the fact there’s a chance and not the odds.


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