Flash Fiction Do It Thingy & Petrified Animals

Deadly Ever After


By Julie

This is so frigging creepy, I had to dive into it and play around. (That’s what she said.) But, seriously, LOOK.

Any Animal That Touches This Lethal Lake Turns to Stone

There’s a lot of debate about this lake in Tanzania, which apparently is inhabited by fish which supply the birds with food. However, this very still lake has an extremely base alkalinity that preserves animals in a horrifically beautiful petrified state after they fly into its still surface. This got my mind racing about how water is a symbol of life, and this water is deadly as fuck. And yes, there is a chance it is a hoax, but I don’t like to believe that. And yes, the animals are posed. Read the damn article. Either way, I want this book so badly it hurts inside.

Photographed by Nick Brandt in his new book, Across…

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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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