Vampires ride in style

In “Vampire Conspiracy”, Jack gets a ride to the Vampires’ secret airstrip, in style. The classic Soviet-era-design Zil limousine is the very definition of “imposing”.

ZiL 4112-R



  1. Stylish and classic car. P.S When is Vampire Conspiracy released? Any chance of a free review copy?

    • Early next year, if I meet my target.
      And yes, I will do advance copies for the select few 😉

  2. Love the cars!!!! My Vampire drives a Dodge Charger SRT 4WD 8V HEMI. YOU know I drive that same exact car! It’s my baby and Tabbruis, my vampire, LOVES his car!! Lots of love, Emily

  3. Great car for a vampire 😀

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