Andrea Zug – The Way Back Machine

Nothing beats real Detroit steel 🙂

Andrea Zug at Lancers, Inc.

Have you ever wished you could hop in the Way Back Machine and revisit the past? I don’t think there is a person living today that wouldn’t jump at the chance to do just that. If you were able to do that…where would you go and what would you do?

Perhaps you would like to change something about the past. A word said in anger that hurt someone’s feelings? A missed opportunity that you regret?  Maybe just the chance to see someone you have lost…to hear their voice, see their smile and hold their hand, even for a second.

These are all lofty goals and would be well worth attaining. If it were possible. Although I might like to do all of the things I just mentioned, my goal would be much less lofty. A post on Facebook this morning made me hunger to see, hear and touch something that…

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