Vampire Syndrome

Thank you for the great review, Jason Thayer!

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I met another writer online named Daven Anderson. Thanks to our friendship via Facebook, he sent me an autographed copy of his book, Vampire Syndrome .

Daven is a supporter of people for people with special needs, such as those with autism or defects like Down Syndrome.  In fact, the main character in this book has Down Syndrome.

His hero is Jack, a track runner for Special Olympics in Colorado. He is bitten by a rabid vampire, causing him to become one himself.  This marks him as a target by a Chief Venator named Damien (think of them as “vampire hunters”).  Jack also has an ally in Lilith, the president of the vampires.

I found this book to be well-paced.  I liked the fact that Jack is often underestimated and uses this to his advantage.  With Lilith’s help, he quickly learns to adjust to his newfound abilities.  In Daven’s world…

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  1. Author’s Notes:

    The Venators are the law enforcers of the human Vampire community, who are assigned to eliminate threats to their community’s safety. Jack quickly discovers that human Vampires with special needs are routinely targeted for termination. Lilith, the human Vampire president, shields Jack from the Venators (led by her husband Damien, the Chief Venator).

    Given that Lilith was the Chief Venator before her rise in politics, and admits she cannot stop her own husband from targeting Jack, and furthermore relates her own early Venator experience of killing a young Vampire with Down Syndrome in 1807; it’s little wonder Jason said “I got the feeling that she wasn’t someone who could be trusted, so I kept wondering what she was really planning.” 😉

    The source of the DNA which causes the Vampiric mutation of humans originates from the alien “Pure” Vampires, whose spaceship crashed in (what is now) Romania some 25,000 years ago. The initial “human Vampires” were created from contact with Pures, but after those initial contacts, almost all instances of this DNA transmission ever since were/are made by human Vampires.

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