Chapter One

I am honored to have inspired this Mr. Anderson!
Thank you, Jason Thayer!

Kid From Out of Town--A novel in Progress

My alarm clock came on.

“Good morning, Murrydale!” the DJ announced. “You’re tuned in to the voice of the Wolfpack, WWPK! This is Ronnie Danger and it’s August 28, 1986! Happy first day of school to you if you’re going to Charles Wallace High! Maybe this will get you moving. It’s ‘Conga’ by the Miami Sound Machine!”

As the song played, I got dressed for the first day of school. I checked myself out in the mirror. I have curly red hair that’s actually not too bad to comb, and green eyes. I’m fourteen years old, and it’s my first day of school as a ninth-grader.

“Hey Kaylee! Big sister!” an annoying voice came from outside my bedroom door.

“Hey Emily, you know the rule!” I sighed. “What if I wasn’t decent?”

“So what? Blame mom.”

I shrugged. Not worth getting into on the first day, I told myself.

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  1. I can’t wait until I read your book Daven!!!! Lots of love, Emily

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