Interview with the Gangster Vampire

Cedric MacKinnon’s Blog has a wicked interview with Faolan O’Connor, protagonist of the Drawing Dead series by Brian McKinley.

Faolan O’Connor is a character I wish I had created. A bit like my Vampire Syndrome Saga antagonist Damien Tepesh, but Faolan has a 100% straightforward attitude, with none of Damien’s pretensions to “high-class” status or philosophical contemplation. Or maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t create Faolan, because he would have succeeded at killing my protagonist Jack Wendell, and I wouldn’t have a series. 😈

I would have reblogged this, but alas Cedric is on Blogger, possibly so he can have that cool “Adult Content” warning, thus making you feel naughty before you even see his blog pages. Below is a sample of the interview:

To start us off, why don’t you share some of your history? You must have a lot of interesting stories to tell. How did you end up a vampire?

FO: Yeah, I got a lot a’ history. Let’s see, uh, I got Created by this piece a’ shit name of Darcy Killian. He was the guy runnin’ things at the time, so I talked him into makin’ me a vamp. It was either that or get killed, really, but I ain’t gonna try and say that I didn’t go into this whole business with my eyes open. Soon as I found out vamps were real and had the run of the fuckin’ place, that was it—I wanted in. The particulars ain’t so glamorous. He drank me and gave me a bunch of his blood and then I spent a week pukin’ and shittin’ my guts out and tryin’ not to scream from the fever and pain. We ain’t no fancy-pants magical bullshit vampires like you see in the movies, ya see. Our whole body gets transformed at the root and it ain’t no fuckin’ picnic, lemme tell ya!


What a married woman with Down syndrome wants you to know

My character Jack doesn’t let Down Syndrome stop him, and neither dies Kate! Congratulations on your wonderful life, Kate! 🙂

Parker Myles

Meet Kate Owens.

Kate got married 3 years ago, and is busy loving life.

I felt her beautiful love story needed to be shared, so I asked Kate to share some things about herself as well.

She has something important to say to other mummies of girls with Down syndrome, too.


How did I meet my husband? We met at a local disco in 2007. He bought me a drink and we danced.. I told mum about him after!  Our first date was out for lunch, it was chucking it down with rain so we had to share my umbrella and we kissed.

Steve proposed at a charity ball in Bristol. He stopped the dj playing music and got down on one knee in the middle of the dance floor and proposed. Everyone cheered when I said yes.
It is my 30th birthday on 27th August and I’m having a…

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Meet the Character: Jack Wendell

Thank you Brian McKinley for letting me guest-blog! 🙂

The Ravings of a Sick Mind

Welcome Guest Blogger Daven Anderson!

1.) What is the name of your character?

Jack Wendell.

2.) Is he/she fictional or a historic person?


3.) When and where is the story set?

During the summer of 2011.

4.) What should we know about him/her?

Jack was a Special Olympics champion sprinter, and national record holder for the 400-meter sprint, before his accidental transformation to his current human vampire status.

5.) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

The carnivorous alien Pure vampires, number-one enemy of the human vampires, want Jack to live with them. The Pures do not trust the human vampires to take proper care of Jack, due to the human vampires’ centuries of systematic prejudice against those of their kind who have special needs. The human vampires want Jack to live with them, to prove they have overcome their previous prejudices.

6.) What is the…

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Solace on 9/11 . . .

One of my favorite passages from Emily Guido.

Personal Post . . . violence is violence

Thank you Emily Guido for your great post about an issue that affects all too many…

5 Tips For Long-Term Writing Success

People with grand unfinished novels love to deride the new breed of “assembly line authors”, but a number of those same authors are MAKING A LIVING off their writing.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.46.46 AM

The Internet is overflowing with all kinds of “guidance.” Often, we have to learn by trial and error. What’s sound and what’s a shill? Being a Fort Worthian, I’ve learned that comedian Will Rogers nailed it when he said, “There are three kinds of men. The ones that learn by readin’. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

Assuming y’all can delay any plans for peeing on the literary electric fence, I’m here to (hopefully) shorten your learning curve in regards to going pro as an author.

Choose Company Wisely

Mirroring is built into the human brain. Great writers are exemplary at mirroring. This his how these authors can create characters so real they might just have a heartbeat. That’s the good news.

Maybe you find your mannerisms, body language, pace of speech or even your accent changes…

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Done With Dracula!

Vaney the Vampire was published in 1847, ad has never been adapted for film. It’s about freaking time, and then some!

The Ravings of a Sick Mind


There’s a movie coming out called Dracula: Untold. You know what my reaction to that is? There’s nothing about Dracula left untold! That fucking vampire has had pretty much every damn moment of his life told, retold, revised, refurbished, re-spun, regurgitated, and re-imagined more often than Jesus Christ. You know how you can tell when an original vampire book series, TV show, comic book, or movie has started to lose its originality?

Count Dracula shows up.

Ta-da! Ta-da!

Seriously, when did the Blade movie series fall on its face? The one where Blade fights Dracula. Now, I know that Blade fought Dracula in his original comic series, but c’mon, Marvel comics is not known for the originality of their villains. Half of them are gods and monsters stolen from world mythology. Buffy was doing fine redefining the vampire genre on television, but then they decided that she had to fight Dracula…

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