Done With Dracula!

Vaney the Vampire was published in 1847, ad has never been adapted for film. It’s about freaking time, and then some!

The Ravings of a Sick Mind


There’s a movie coming out called Dracula: Untold. You know what my reaction to that is? There’s nothing about Dracula left untold! That fucking vampire has had pretty much every damn moment of his life told, retold, revised, refurbished, re-spun, regurgitated, and re-imagined more often than Jesus Christ. You know how you can tell when an original vampire book series, TV show, comic book, or movie has started to lose its originality?

Count Dracula shows up.

Ta-da! Ta-da!

Seriously, when did the Blade movie series fall on its face? The one where Blade fights Dracula. Now, I know that Blade fought Dracula in his original comic series, but c’mon, Marvel comics is not known for the originality of their villains. Half of them are gods and monsters stolen from world mythology. Buffy was doing fine redefining the vampire genre on television, but then they decided that she had to fight Dracula…

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  1. Brian makes a lot of sense, doesn’t he? You ROCK Daven! Lots of love, Emmy

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