Interview with the Gangster Vampire

Cedric MacKinnon’s Blog has a wicked interview with Faolan O’Connor, protagonist of the Drawing Dead series by Brian McKinley.

Faolan O’Connor is a character I wish I had created. A bit like my Vampire Syndrome Saga antagonist Damien Tepesh, but Faolan has a 100% straightforward attitude, with none of Damien’s pretensions to “high-class” status or philosophical contemplation. Or maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t create Faolan, because he would have succeeded at killing my protagonist Jack Wendell, and I wouldn’t have a series. 😈

I would have reblogged this, but alas Cedric is on Blogger, possibly so he can have that cool “Adult Content” warning, thus making you feel naughty before you even see his blog pages. Below is a sample of the interview:

To start us off, why don’t you share some of your history? You must have a lot of interesting stories to tell. How did you end up a vampire?

FO: Yeah, I got a lot a’ history. Let’s see, uh, I got Created by this piece a’ shit name of Darcy Killian. He was the guy runnin’ things at the time, so I talked him into makin’ me a vamp. It was either that or get killed, really, but I ain’t gonna try and say that I didn’t go into this whole business with my eyes open. Soon as I found out vamps were real and had the run of the fuckin’ place, that was it—I wanted in. The particulars ain’t so glamorous. He drank me and gave me a bunch of his blood and then I spent a week pukin’ and shittin’ my guts out and tryin’ not to scream from the fever and pain. We ain’t no fancy-pants magical bullshit vampires like you see in the movies, ya see. Our whole body gets transformed at the root and it ain’t no fuckin’ picnic, lemme tell ya!




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  2. Wow, this looks like a hot read! Gotta get one! Lots of love, Emily

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