Seven Tropes of Science Fiction

The Walking (on the studio lot) Dead: Matters of story convenience usually trump reality. 😉

Bob Mayer

walking_dead_510You don’t want to be next to me watching some of these shows and movie. Cool Gus even moves away some times and my wife tells me to shut up. So I’m venting here about some of the tropes of science fiction shows:

  1. Why is everyone wandering around the streets in the post-apocalyptic world? Isn’t anyone working? Patrolling? Farming? In Walking Dead there were, I believe, 72 people in the Governor’s town. In most scenes there were like 100 people wandering about walking from point A to point B for no apparent reason.
  2. Who feeds those fires in the large barrels? Why are there fires in the barrels? Which leads me to . . .
  3. Who lights all those candles? Who replaces them? Why are there so many candles?
  4. No one carries any gear. No backpack with food, a change of clothes, toilet paper (a valuable commodity in the post-apocalyptic…

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