The day I quit writing

On June 13, 2019, I finally put my writing “career”, such as it was, to bed.
Once I finally cast off the writing demon, my life and position in the universe magically re-aligned itself.

Seriously, it felt just like this:

Like when you give up country music; you get your dog back, your truck back, your wife back, and your farm back. 😈

The world doesn’t need more authors, it needs more readers. Especially readers who will actually leave reviews.


  1. Not surprisingly, I know how you feel, Daven! Hell, I’ve been writing since I was six years old (am now in my late 50s), and were my success to be judged by traditional publishing and tied to my life’s happiness, I’d have gone the way of Ron E. Howard or Ernest Hemingway!

    It’s like when I recently realized I wasn’t going to retire off my fiction writing. It was kinda liberating. I love writing. Obviously been doing it a long time. I’ll keep doing it until I either run out of stories or life. My success isn’t what I’d thought it’d be, but I have written several books that some few readers in the world kinda like, but also *I* like. I love the stories I’ve written, had fun doing them. Still do. But I no longer feel as driven as I once did, “killing myself” in the process to try to get the next book out, because this one, baby, THIS one will be The One. My day-job career has been a busy one with shift work and many time long or crazy hours. I would never have survived that with traditional houses always pushing to finish stuff faster and faster. My life with my wife wouldn’t have survived. I feel everything does happen for a reason, and in this life, apparently this ain’t for me. Or maybe even you. But we have our works that we created out there.

    Everyone’s a writer, everyone’s a photographer, everyone is everything. Saturation. Low-hanging fruit. Catering to the baser tastes. I’m not saying I’m God’s gift to anything in the publishing field, but I know my books are good. I know this in my soul, and I see the feedback, however miniscule, from their readers and reviews. So, I just keep doing what I do, because I enjoy doing it. It serves a purpose in my own personal value fulfillment.

    For you, I hope that you truly are happy with your decision, but I’m not gonna hold you to it! If you want to come back and start writing again, I’m leaving that door open for you, man! Though we’ve never met, we’ve interacted for years, and you seem a good soul. So don’t get down on yourself. If you need a break—take it! If you want to come back, feel free to do so! If not, feel free not to! But, do, please ENJOY your time on Earth…which you do seem to be doing. Follow the Fall Line to your life…if you keep yourself open to Life, the Universe, and Everything Else, you will get what you need. Sometimes even what you want.

    So, I wish you happiness in whatever you actually end up doing, Daven!

  2. Unfortunately, many artists in history have died before becoming well respected, appreciated and famous. There’s obviously no money there!

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