Scary Musings on the Future

Ah, the 2010’s, the decade where it all fell apart. 😈

As this nightmare decade draws to a close, I sit back on the sidelines and contemplate where the creative world is now, how it became that way, and what will be in the future.
We all know damn well that “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” would not get published now, in fact they almost weren’t published back in the day.
Twilight Was Rejected Fourteen Times Before Being Accepted

How Many Times Was Harry Potter Rejected By Publishers?
The Answer:

Twelve times or twenty-two times, but this doesn’t help you understand the present-day publishing climate.

The internet and the self-publishing industry have changed since the mid-1990s when Harry Potter was published. Rowling sent her submissions in as hardcopy and you would need to multiply twenty-two by at least a factor of four to get a reasonable comparison.

How many authors today are willing to get rejected (or ignored) hundreds of times?

Only the crazy ones, I’d guess.

“The Hunger Games” might still make it to print today, but it sure as hell would not be a movie trilogy in this Marvel day and age.

So now that the “movie-from-book” Golden Goose is cooked, what happens when the Marvel movie arcs runs their course, as is eventually inevitable?

Not my circus, not my white elephants… 😈

Skeleton Writer


  1. Face it Daven, all the newscasters are the ones being published today. Why? Because that’s where the money is for the big publishing houses. Dry reading, perhaps. But people buy them instead of a book that would really entertain.

    • Oh, I “faced up” to the harsh realities of the Big Five years ago, 2012 to be exact. By 2015, it was evident that the Big Five had passed on *all* of the best vampire novels of the early 2010’s; in favor of “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and rote rack-job mass market vampire cliché books I would not even want to *read*, much less write.
      At least Vampire Syndrome went to its “grave” unmatched and unique, the only novel of its kind when it came out, or ever since.

      • I agree Daven, I loved the book, it’s sitting on my book shelf. It’s all about the Benjamins, not about style or content or entertainment, not anymore. I wrote my books simply to help Mike recover from the trauma of Vietnam and they did their job. He is comfortable talking about the trauma now because he knows talking about it takes the teeth out of it. And the story line is interesting and exciting. It’s just too bad that in this day and age you can only read commentary instead of something that takes you away from the mundane, into a magical place that makes you feel less tethered to that mundane existence, and you can’t wait to have time to crack that book open again. People don’t know what they’re missing.

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