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Have you ever wished you could hop in the Way Back Machine and revisit the past? I don’t think there is a person living today that wouldn’t jump at the chance to do just that. If you were able to do that…where would you go and what would you do?

Perhaps you would like to change something about the past. A word said in anger that hurt someone’s feelings? A missed opportunity that you regret?  Maybe just the chance to see someone you have lost…to hear their voice, see their smile and hold their hand, even for a second.

These are all lofty goals and would be well worth attaining. If it were possible. Although I might like to do all of the things I just mentioned, my goal would be much less lofty. A post on Facebook this morning made me hunger to see, hear and touch something that…

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Rise Of The Gearheads

Kirsten Lamb, from “Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World“:
“Ten years ago, no one cared if a fiction author gardened, was a gourmet cook or a wine aficionado who loved Golden Retrievers”
‘Consumers want authenticity. They long to connect on mutual ground. They get excited when they realize their favorite author also loves dogs and collects My Little Ponies”
“What this means is that all those hobbies, passions and idiosyncrasies that had no value before are now a priceless friendship chest”
THIS is why I want to have a book signing at the Mile-High Nationals next July.
To go where no author has gone before.
To say, “I’m a gear-head, I’m one of you. I love the smell of burning nitro from a Top Fuel dragster. I know the difference between a Boss 302 and a Shelby GT-500. I’m not a Stephen King who will say Christine’s Hydra-Matic pops out of park when I’ve known for decades that a 1958 Plymouth has a push-button Torque-Flite transmission. I have written what is most likely the first book any of you will ever read that has NO CAR MISTAKES, yet it is far more than that. It is a real and moving story about a young man with special needs overcoming challenges that threaten his very existence, without all of the saccharine sentimentality normally sugar-coating such books. I have all the visceral thrills of the Fast and Furious, but in my story’s heart beats the life of a young man who defies all the odds to win the hard-earned respect of his community. It is my highest honor to be here at the Mile-High Nationals, with my fellow gear-heads, as the first published author to be hosted here.”
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