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Book review : Vampire Syndrome (Book 1) by Daven Anderson

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Hello friends,

Today I am going to write a review about an interesting title that I found from a popular publishing house PDMI Publishing LLC 

PDMI Publishing has a wide range of books for the readers across multiple genres and offers a great user experience as a personal publisher for authors wishing to explore the vibrant and creative world of writing and publishing.

So here is the book review – this book is for readers of the genre paranormal, supernatural, fantasy and Young Adult.


An engaging and fun read with “what happens next” moments and loads of twists, intrigue and action.

Book Title : VAMPIRE SYNDROME Book 1 (of the Vampire Syndrome Trilogy)

Author : Daven Anderson

Publisher : PDMI Publishing LLC, USA

Genre : Action, Supernatural, Young Adult

Purchase Links : Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Syndrome-Daven-Anderson/dp/0615756018

PDMI Publishing Store – http://mystore.pdmipublishing.com/fiction/12-vampire-syndrome-vampire-syndrome-trilogy-ya-version-by-daven-anderson.html

My review : 4.9 out of 5 stars. I recommend…

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