I got smacked!

Emily Guido smacked me!

The Rules:
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Daven Anderson

I don’t see any new questions there, so why not answer other people’s?
Serendipity: Smack I’m It And So Are You

1. Snow, rain, or Sun? Sunlight in general, although I love watching lightning storms!
2. What is your favourite genre of literature/film? Science Fiction/Fantasy, Historical Epics.
3. Do you snore when you sleep? Never.
4. Who hogs the covers in your house? My cat.
5. If you could be a movie character, who would it be? I’d prefer to have created a movie character!
6. Do you watch sub-titled movies? Foreign movies in the theatre, or disc captions in English? Both, in my case.
7. Who is your favourite movie director? Tie between Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino.
8. What is your “guilty pleasure?” Twilight. Then again, it inspired me to create my own novel, so who needs guilt?
9. Seaside, mountains, or desert? Mountains! My vacations in NW Washington state have mountains and seaside together, a great combination.
10. Would you crash your car to avoid hitting an animal in the road?  In the first draft of my novel, Damien was going to hit a deer during the climactic car chase. While I was researching on Highway 74, I almost hit a full-grown doe in the location where Damien was going to hit the deer! She was in the middle divide, striding toward my lane, and I was driving off the shoulder in the grass for a couple of seconds. After that, I changed the location of the chase scene to Highway 285.
My old Plymouth station wagon turned one deer into venison years ago. In modern cars with better brakes and quicker steering, I’ve been lucky.
11. Do you prefer mornings or afternoons? Evenings.

Marilyns 11 Questions for Emily Guido (with my answers)

1. What is your favourite genre of literature? Nowadays, Paranormal.
2. What is your favourite genre of film? Science Fiction/Fantasy
3. Do you read in bed? Not really.
4. How do you take your coffee in the morning? Mickey D’s.
5. Do you consider yourself fashionable? I was a hipster 20 years ago, before that term was codified. Nowadays, no.
6. If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be? Right here in Colorado, although I’d want several dwellings (ie: a Downtown Denver loft, a ski-resort condo, and a mountain cabin)
7. Have you retained any evil habits? Hoarding. If not, with what will you bargain when you’re marooned at sea in a lifeboat? All the stuff I’ve hoarded. 😈
8. What is the worst TV show that you love anyway? Gilligan’s Island
9. When you vacation, do you want to be in an urban or rural environment? Mountains
10. Where did you go on your all-time favorite vacation? Denver to Seattle round trip in my 1960 Plymouth station wagon, last year.
11. Are you a morning person? Not in the classic sense. Has anyone ever punched you for being cheerful before coffee? No, but some wonder how I can be so functional at 6AM (but all business).

It appears all the bloggers I know have been tagged, so I get to stay “it.”