Interview with #PD14 presenter Daven Anderson

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Interview with #PD14 presenter Daven Anderson

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I am a WANACon 2014 Presenter

WANACon Feb 2014 Session List

My Presentation:

Why Choose A Small Press? – Daven Anderson

Daven will explore the strengths and drawbacks of each method of publishing (New York, Do-It-Yourself and Small Press), answer authors’ questions, and give these authors information to help them decide which path is right for them.

One my syllabus points sums it all up nicely:

The Three Boxes:

DIY: Thinking Outside The Box
NY: Thinking About The Big Box
Small Press: Building A New Box Continue reading

It’s all in the presentation

One important lesson for the new year, for writers and everyone else:

It’s not your story that matters, but how you present it.

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