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This is a blog for my Vampire Syndrome Saga, released by PDMI Publishing, LLC.
A story about a special Vampire’s struggle to be accepted as a valued member of the Vampire community.
With all the marital infidelity, cattle mutilations and car chases you expect from a Vampire novel… ?

Amazon Kindle: Vampire Syndrome (YA version)

Vampire Syndrome – YA Mass Market Paperpack

Vampire Syndrome Young Adult Cover

VS Luxe Cover

Add “Vampire Syndrome” on Goodreads:

Vampire Syndrome


Vampire Syndrome Adult Cover

Amazon Kindle: Vampire Syndrome (Adult Version)

Paperback: Adult Version



Fresh Blood Cover

Amazon Kindle: “Fresh Blood” (Vampire Writers Support Group Anthology Volume 1)

Smashwords: “Fresh Blood” (Vampire Writers Support Group Anthology, Volume 1)


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. You have a really cool site, here. I would like to review your book. If your interested, please contact me. Have a wonderful night and thanks again!

  2. Hi, I like the look of your book and you have a nice site. I am interested in reviewing your book (I am a avid reader of vamp novels) if you’re interested please email me.

  3. I’m adding ALL of these to my 2014 Winter Late Night Reading list.

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