To E-Pub or Not To E-Pub…

Off-the-chart irony: Some of the best, most honest and straight-forward advice about e-publishing can be found on Which is a website to connect writers with literary agents. Whose (standard) purpose is to pitch those writers’ works to traditional publishing houses.

Are Agent Query’s detailed instructions on how to create eBooks the equivalent of your friendly local car mechanic giving his customers step-by-step instructions on how to rebuild their car’s transmission?

Maybe not. In this age of change, many agents are changing their mission. They are now representing indie authors, and even establishing their own publishing enterprises. The agents on this new frontier are the equivalent of the mechanic who gives you the instructions, with the hope you’ll rent all the special tools you need from him.

To paraphrase Mr. McGuire in “The Graduate“, I have one word to say to you, my fellow writers: Editing. 😈