I know they say “Don’t quit your day job”, but…

There comes a time when you should just sit on top of the world and watch the wheels go round and round.




I drove a thousand miles to catch my muse!

Joel Eisenberg Banner June 2015Catching Your Muse: How To Claim Your Artistic Spirit

Snead State Community College and Tyward Books, in conjunction with PDMI Publishing, LLC, are proud to present a very special workshop with producer/screenwriter/author Joel Eisenberg. Join us on June 15, 2015 at the Fielder Auditorium for “Catching Your Muse: How To Claim Your Artistic Spirit.”

In addition to numerous film and television projects, Eisenberg is the co-author of the eight-part epic fantasy series,”The Chronicles of Ara”. The first volume, “Creation,” launched March 15, 2015 at a standing-room-only event at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, California. Eisenberg and his co-author Stephen Hillard are presently developing a television project based on this series.

Joel and the Mayor of Boaz, AlabamaJoel and the Mayor of Boaz, Alabama

Joel with Andrea Zug (l) and Greta King (r)Joel with Andrea Zug (L) and Greta King (R)

Joel (r) with Chrystian McKinneyJoel (R) with Chrystian McKinney

Ben Trexel, guitarist and music producerBen Trexel, guitarist and music producer

Joel Eisenberg speakingJoel Eisenberg speaking

LaWayne Orlando Childrey, Author and JournalistLaWayne Orlando Childrey, Author and Journalist

Daven Anderson (l) with Joel (r)Daven Anderson (L) with Joel (R)

Tc McKinney (l) and Greta King (r)Tc McKinney (L) and Greta King (R)

Virginia Jennings (l) and Tc McKinney (r)Virginia Jennings (L) and Tc McKinney (R)

Tc McKinney, Founder/CEO of PDMI Publishing, LLCTc McKinney, Founder/CEO of PDMI Publishing, LLC

Stacey Brewer (l) and Tc McKinney (r)Stacey Brewer (L) and Tc McKinney (R)

Clay Gilbert (l) and Tc McKinney (r)Clay Gilbert (L) and Tc McKinney (R)

Joel (l) and Clay Gilbert (r)Joel (L) and Clay Gilbert (R)


Update Aug. 2017:
Clay Gilbert, LaWayne Orlando Childrey and myself have signed television development deals with Joel. It all started right here, on this fateful day.

Vampire Syndrome at the Tattered Cover

Get the E.B.M. version of Vampire Syndrome (young adult version) printed on demand at Tattered Cover LoDo or any other bookstore/library in the world with an Espresso Book Machine.

Standard Print version and EBM version

Standard Print version and EBM version

May Meme

Your Vampire meme

Disclaimer: The 325-hp Volvo S60R that Edward Cullen drives in the Twilight novels is actually the perfect car to represent his character. The S60R is a “sleeper” high-performance car that does not draw attention to itself, with more power and capability than is apparent to casual observers.

The Cadillac CTS-V’s (as shown above) that my character Lilith Morrigan (President of the Vampires) drives are also perfect representations of her character. Louder and a bit flashier than the aforementioned Volvo, driven by those not really concerned with what the average bystander thinks. After all, during the Great Depression, Lilith was driving a 1930 Cadillac V-16 convertible coupe, a car priced on par with a small house ($6,900, or $95,000 in today’s money). Cars change over the decades. Human (vampire) nature, not so much. 😈

Nothing says “author” quite like…

…this badge!
Author Badge

One less entry on my bucket list

For my 50th post, some pictures from my road trip to Forks, Washington 😀

Tijuana Taxi

At last, I have found the legendary “Tijuana Taxi” 😀 (in the form of a rat rod 1938 Buick). Lucky I had my camera with me!

Tijuana Taxi rat rod

The very definition of "cool"

Driver's Door

Now THIS is how you roll...

Tijuana Taxi interior

Are you cool enough to drive this car?

Nailhead V*

Triple-carb (3 Deuces) Nailhead V8. Rat-rod perfection.

LaPush – Summer 2011

This year, I dared to cross the “treaty line” into LaPush 😈 , and I present to you these beautiful pictures of the coastline. 😀

(click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture)

Click here to view my post featuring pictures I took in Forks, WA on July 2010.

Forks Pictures July 2010

As I prepare to return once again to my family’s permanent residence in Washington State (hmm, why does that line sound familiar?), I thought it would be neat to share with you some of the pictures I took in Forks last year. Click here for my post featuring pictures I took in LaPush in Summer 2011.

(click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture)

The old Quillayute High School in Forks (which the Twilight movies’ high school building in Oregon resembled in appearance) was beginning to be demolished at the time of my visit. The demolition was completed in June 2011.