Experience Autism Through Carly’s Eyes

This video by Carly Fleischmann gave me an incredible glimpse into what life for one of my own characters can be like.

Tivor Sebestyén, mute autistic Vampire, was introduced in “Vampire Syndrome” (book one), but he figures more prominently in “Vampire Conspiracy” (book two).

Watching Carly’s video makes me realize how lucky Tivor is to be with the alien Pure Vampires. A community who can see inside Tivor’s mind (via telepathy) and value him for what he is, and see his true potential. If only we humans could do that….

Toronto Star: Carly Fleischmann – Video about autistic Toronto teen wins international acclaim

A Tale Of Two Victorias

Victoria Run
Look out, it’s the Lady in the Water, disguised as Victoria! Run!

Where do you get your ideas?

RMFW Your Ideas

Kate Stone’s Civil War: Flaming cheeks and flashing eyes

A window opened to an era long gone, all Civil War fiction paling in its wake.

stillness of heart


From 2012 to 2015, Stillness of Heart will share interesting excerpts from the extraordinary diary of Kate Stone, who chronicled her Louisiana family’s turbulent experiences throughout the Civil War era.

Learn more about Stone’s amazing life in 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865 and beyond. Click on each year to read more about her experiences. You can read the entire journal online here.

Kate Stone at last recounts why she and her family fled from Brokenburn.

April 25

Near Trenton, La.

Affairs look dark for our Confederacy just now. … This country is filled with refugees. Nearly all our friends are back here or on their way to Texas, where we hope to be before long.

Out here the prices asked for everything are enormous. The people of Monroe seem determined to fleece the refugees. It cost us $3,000 to get a four-horse hack to bring…

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E.T. phone here

Two great songs about extraterrestrial contact, yin and yang.

By then, the Carpenters had made so much money for A&M Records, the only answer they could give to “Can we hire a 160-pc. orchestra for a song about contacting aliens?” was “Sure, we’ll get right on it, Mister and Miss Carpenter!” 😈

Mod fashion or punk? Both! The best album of 1978, in my humble opinion.