The Mouse That Roared—Invasion of the Micro-Trend & Why Indies Hold Increasing Power

Her post explains why I’m glad to be on PDMI instead of the Big Five…

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The Digital Age has arrived, and the ramifications of a connected world are still being revealed daily. But, there’s one trend I’d be hard-pressed to argue with. The 20th Century was all about homogeneity. Madison Avenue flourished by telling us which clothing brands made us cool, which car made us special, what foods were “healthy.” Tower Records controlled what music we heard and The Big Six selected which books we read.

Gatekeepers controlled information and retailers restricted commodities because homogeneity dictated many business decisions. Homogeneity was simpler and required less paperwork and thinking.

Generations bought Wonderbread because it was “fortified with vitamins” and “good for your kids.” In 1986? Hope you liked stirrup pants. There was a cultural need to “fit in” and be like everyone else, especially those who were the “cool kids.”

“Pillars of Same” Go Crashing Down

With the advent of the Internet and widespread use of social…

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Nothing sells e-books like…

…paperbacks! 😈Vampire Syndrome Paperbacks

My blog turns two

Today, Oct. 16th, is the two-year anniversary of my Vampire Syndrome blog. And thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can invite Beth Gibbons to sing at my blog’s “birthday party.” 😎

“For time is but a memory”

I am thrilled to announce that Vampire Syndrome will be a featured title during Fangs And Hearts Week, October 24-31 on Emily 😀

This is my blog’s birthday, but you get a present. Click here, log in (or register for free first), enter code RC29W and pick up your free copy of Vampire Syndrome. This promo code is good now through November 4th. 🙂

A big thank you to all my readers!

Mactus e-book, free on Amazon Oct. 6 and 7

If you’re searching for YA paranormal romance, and you decided to check out my blog because it’s called “Vampire Syndrome”, I have some good news for you.

Emily Guido’s novel Mactus, book two of The Light-Bearer Series, will be free on Amazon this weekend (Sat. Oct 6, Sun. Oct 7).
Her latest blog post features the action-packed chapter “Soaring“.

I must admit that her YA paranormal romance is quite different from my novel “Vampire Syndrome”, which is an adult-reader urban paranormal, and not a romance. But her Light-Bearer Series and my Vampire Syndrome saga have a common theme.

Fighting prejudice.

In Emily’s series, Tabbruis (A sanguinarian Blood-Hunter) meets his soul-mate Charmeine (a lightning-throwing Light-Bearer). Their kindred are prejudiced against one another, so Tabbruis and Charmeine will have to fight to survive (and raise their family!)

In Vampire Syndrome, newly-turned Jack Wendell, born with Down Syndrome, quickly discovers the vampire community’s long-standing prejudice against special-needs vampires like himself. Jack has to convince other vampires that he is an asset to their community. Even winning over powerful allies will not end Jack’s problems, because Jack discovers the human vampires have a fearsome enemy, the Pure (alien) vampires. And the Pures want Jack to be their servant. 😈

Two different sagas, two different sub-genres of paranormal, but under all that, one underlying theme. We have to learn to overcome our differences and find common ground, to survive, and to thrive. 🙂

This is why I’m proud to feature Emily’s novel on my blog.

“Vampire Syndrome” e-book is now available on Smashwords

Smashwords: Vampire Syndrome e-book

“Meatgrinder” is an understatement. 😈

Note to other self-pub authors:
Pay someone to format your .doc for Smashwords.
You’ll be glad you did.
(this is advice from a guy who did it himself)

Tattered Cover Press

If you’re an author living in the Denver area, and are even slightly interested in e-publishing your book, you really, really want to check out the Tattered Cover Book Store‘s new Print On Demand services.

Read more about the specifics here.

I am beyond thrilled about Tattered Cover’s new venture. 😀 Starting their own small press is a brilliant strategy to ensure their long-term survival and prosperity in this new age of publishing.

This venture benefits the Tattered Cover Press and their authors. You, the author, get the freedom of e-publishing on Google Books, placement in Tattered Cover’s eBook store, and physical paper books on demand.

As much as I may admire the freedom of e-books and self-publishing, there’s no substitute for actual paper books. Tattered Cover’s Print On Demand services has you covered, either way. 😀

Kristen Lamb: Bracing for Impact–The Future of Big Publishing in the New Paradigm

To E-Pub or Not To E-Pub…

Off-the-chart irony: Some of the best, most honest and straight-forward advice about e-publishing can be found on Which is a website to connect writers with literary agents. Whose (standard) purpose is to pitch those writers’ works to traditional publishing houses.

Are Agent Query’s detailed instructions on how to create eBooks the equivalent of your friendly local car mechanic giving his customers step-by-step instructions on how to rebuild their car’s transmission?

Maybe not. In this age of change, many agents are changing their mission. They are now representing indie authors, and even establishing their own publishing enterprises. The agents on this new frontier are the equivalent of the mechanic who gives you the instructions, with the hope you’ll rent all the special tools you need from him.

To paraphrase Mr. McGuire in “The Graduate“, I have one word to say to you, my fellow writers: Editing. 😈