Vampire Conspiracy – Sneak Peek into the Playlist

Now that the main text of “Vampire Conspiracy” (book two of the Vampire Syndrome saga) is finished (and being edited by PDMI), I’m working on peripherals, such as the glossary and the playlist.

A brief glimpse into Chapter 32, “Deconstruction Crew”:


“Are you sure about this?” Razvan asks us.

“We’re positive,” I answer.

“We’d like to drive back ourselves,” Coach Ron says.

“Do you want motorcycle escorts?” Petra asks.

“Thanks, but we should be fine,” Diane replies.

“A lot of people runnin’ and hidin’ tonight,
A lot of people won’t get no justice tonight.”
“Armagideon Time”, original version by Willie Wilson

Vampire Conspiracy: Completed

I have just completed “Vampire Conspiracy”, Book Two of the Vampire Syndrome saga.

Vampire Conspiracy DIY Cover

Vampires ride in style

In “Vampire Conspiracy”, Jack gets a ride to the Vampires’ secret airstrip, in style. The classic Soviet-era-design Zil limousine is the very definition of “imposing”.

ZiL 4112-R

The Metaphor

One of the many little details hiding in Vampire Syndrome is a metaphor.

Is is the human condition? Well, I do have the alien Pure Vampires, whose DNA bought about the existence of the genetically-mutated human Vampires. The “Humans”, as the Pures call the human Vampires, embrace their humanity with passion, even when they shouldn’t. The “Normals” (non-vampire humans) deem the human Vampires monsters, but of course no human ever considers themselves to be a monster, human Vampires included.

So, we have these beings that are basically human, yet infused with basal, predatory urges, courtesy of the mutations performed to their DNA sequence by the Pures’ DNA.
A metaphor for the human condition?
Yes, and a rather illuminating one (if I presume to say so myself).

But that’s not the metaphor I’m referring to.
The combative relationship between the human Vampires and the Pures is a metaphor for the vampire itself.

How the evolution of culture has shifted the vampire from the grave-escaping revenants of old-world folklore to the sympathetic, revered heroes of romance.
And how the core supporters of the “classic monster” verbally joust with paranormal romance fans.
Vampire versus Vampire. Old versus new. Demon versus angel.
What the vampire was, versus what the vampire is.

Not to worry, my human Vampires are not “totally Twilight”. Damien and Lilith are as twisted as their rocky 253-year marriage. Zetania feels disconnected from Normal humans after the last of her Normal human family died off. And Jack’s battle to be the champion of human Vampires will far exceed even the challenges he faced in becoming a record-setting Special Olympics champion athlete.

Yet each values their humanity. The difference between them and the carnivorous Pures. The two-legged sharks striking terror in the hearts of all human Vampires.
An apex of fear the Normal humans will never know, except in their collective subconscious. The demon monster of old, refusing to die, rising forth once more to challenge its progeny, the human Vampires of today’s stories.

Even mine.

A few quotes from “Vampire Conspiracy”

I’m currently working on “Vampire Conspiracy”, the second novel of the “Vampire Syndrome” trilogy. A few glimpses into what awaits you:

  • “Welcome to Romania,” Stacy announces over the intercom. I hope this isn’t “welcome to my death.”
  • Damien leads us down the metal stairs. He points to a big black car and says “Dorel loaned me a CL65 AMG.” Funny, it looks like a Mercedes to me.
    • “Having second thoughts, Jack?”
      “First thoughts, actually.”
  • A face of stunning beauty and ravenous terror. An elegant destroyer of nations.
    • Congratulations, Jack. You’re now a literary critic. Of course, you’ll have to get in line behind the three hundred-plus other critics who said the exact same thing.
  • Count Dracula may have had a cool castle, but we have dishwashers. In the movie, Dracula made dinner for that one guy. It would really suck to be Dracula and have to wash your guests’ dishes in the sink after they ate dinner.
  • The mental image of Count Dracula washing dishes refuses to leave my head…


    Experience Autism Through Carly’s Eyes

    This video by Carly Fleischmann gave me an incredible glimpse into what life for one of my own characters can be like.

    Tivor Sebestyén, mute autistic Vampire, was introduced in “Vampire Syndrome” (book one), but he figures more prominently in “Vampire Conspiracy” (book two).

    Watching Carly’s video makes me realize how lucky Tivor is to be with the alien Pure Vampires. A community who can see inside Tivor’s mind (via telepathy) and value him for what he is, and see his true potential. If only we humans could do that….

    Toronto Star: Carly Fleischmann – Video about autistic Toronto teen wins international acclaim

    Meet the vampires of “Vampire Syndrome”

    Jack Wendell

    Physical and Calendar Age: 19

    Former Special Olympics champion sprinter and 400-meter sprint national record holder. Now the world’s fastest running Vampire, able to run at over 100mph for long distances. Retains his sincerity and good will towards others while living and interacting with a Vampire population generally not known for these qualities. Jack gets his first girlfriend in my trilogy’s second novel, “Vampire Conspiracy”. Jack’s heroism and unique abilities gradually become known to the world’s human Vampire population… and others. 😈

    Damien Tepesh

    Physical age: 39
    Calendar age: 267

    Chief Venator (law enforcer) of the United States region. Targets Jack for termination, as Venators traditionally do when they discover a new special-needs Vampire. Jack escapes two of Damien’s assassination attempts, eventually causing Damien to reconsider his position about Jack.  Damien enjoys fast cars and fast women. Damien has been married for over 250 years, and has had several mistresses as well.

    Lilith Morrigan

    Jessica Chastain
    Physical Age: 44
    Calendar Age: 308

    President of the world’s human Vampire Community. Breaks with her own Venator past by protecting Jack from her husband Damien. Feels some maternal instinct for Jack, but Lilith realizes she would not make the best adoptive mother for him. The conflicts over Jack push her relationship with Damien to a breaking point.

    Zetania Vinescu


    Physical Age: 25
    Calendar Age: 135

    Chief Venator of Romania. Summoned to Colorado by Damien, to help him hunt Jack. Lilith over-rides her husband and orders Zetania to protect Jack from Damien and the other Venators. Zetania gradually realizes Jack’s incredible potential, and discovers that Jack may be the key to help Zetania and the Romanian Vampires end their dispute with their most feared enemy… one way or another.

    Ronald and Diane Pepper

    Ron Diane
    Physical and Calender Ages: 40

    Ron Pepper, Jack’s former Special Olympics coach, and his wife Diane are the closest that Jack has ever had to a real family. Damien and Lilith come to a rare agreement and choose the Peppers to be Jack’s new adoptive parents. Damien and Lilith turn the Peppers into Vampires and hire them as private investigators. The Peppers’ longtime hobby of investigating cattle mutilations becomes their full-time occupation, as they finally uncover the mystery of who is behind all of those mutilations.


    Stella Reynolds

    Physical Age: 27
    Calendar Age: 71

    Lilith’s presidential secretary and Damien’s current mistress. Over the last 250 years, Lilith has killed Damien’s previous four mistresses (and several other women who had short-term flings with Damien). The fact that Lilith hired Stella to be her secretary suggests a major change of strategy on her part, in which she plans to heighten her control and influence over Damien.



    Gl'AgPhysical Age: Mature Adult Male
    Calendar Age: Over 25,000 years

    The human vampires’ worst nightmare. And he realizes Jack’s true potential far more than any human Vampires can.


    Fred Henderson

    Fred HPhysical Age: 41
    Calendar Age: 266

    Chief Mechanic, the MacGyver of Vampires. Owner of Roman Auto Salvage. His kindred’s predilection towards fast cars ensures Fred’s job security. Enjoys customizing pickup trucks and hunting deer. Owns a large collection of vintage film prints, including an original print of “Nosferatu” acquired during his vacation to Germany in 1922.


    Tivor Sebestyén

    Physical Age: 25
    Calendar Age: 43

    Mute autistic Vampire, native to the city of Debrecen, Hungary. Pursued by Hungarian Venators upon his change to human vampire in 1991, reported “missing, presumed dead” that same year. Confirmed sighted by several U.S. Venators in Colorado twenty years later. Possesses a unique superpower that could be dangerous to the human Vampire community.

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    A Horse Is A Horse

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course;
    That is, of course, unless the horse is the Blue Mustang at Denver International Airport. 😈

    Here’s an “out-take” from my front cover photo session this morning:

    Welcome to Vampire Syndrome

      This is a blog for my novel “Vampire Syndrome”.
      A story about a special Vampire’s struggle to be accepted as a valued member of the Vampire community.
      With all the marital infidelity, cattle mutilations, and car chases you expect from a Vampire book… ?

        Vampire Syndrome cover