About the Author

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of (modest) wealth and (eclectic) taste.

I grew up reading Dr. Seuss, the Encyclopædia Brittanica and dinosaur books, never suspecting that one day all of those books would play crucial parts as inspiration for the Vampire Syndrome saga. The simple yet infallible wisdom of Theodore Geisel serving as the model for protagonist Jack Wendell. Encyclopædia research inspired me to craft unparalled levels of back story detail, reconciling science and folklore in ways no “vampire novel” has ever done before. And if that large meteor had not impacted the Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago, reptiles could easily have evolved into a humanoid form that would bear resemblance to the alien Pure Vampires of my saga.

After decades of enthusiastic bibliophilia, the motivation to create arrived at last. A winged dove of impetus, in the form of a hardcover copy of “Breaking Dawn.”

I uttered the famous last words, “Even I could write something better than that.”

On June 13, 2009, I began my three-plus year odyssey to better the Mary Sue of a bored housewife. Armed with my extensive post-secondary school training (in automotive and computer repair), I set forth to unleash the Vampire Syndrome saga on the world at large.

I crafted a saga featuring a brave, wise, dignified hero with special needs, which would reach an audience that would never dream of reading a novel like “Forrest Gump.” Like “Gump”, a story where a hero with special needs proves that quick wit and cunning do not equal wisdom. Unlike “Gump”, a story where danger stalks the hero from beginning to end, from Jack’s well-meaning but devious human Vampire compatriots, to the carnivorous alien Pure Vampires that strike fear in the hearts of all human Vampires. Jack struggles to survive and find acceptance in a world where the “human” and the “monster” are one and the same.

The brave and wise protagonist Jack. Husband and wife vampires Damien and Lilith battling each other over his very right to exist. A Gypsy vampire reading paranormal romance novels, a car chase through the Colorado mountains, and the world’s first logical, believable explanation for the menacing blue horse statue at Denver International Airport. 😈

And don’t forget the aliens… 😉

“How true it is that we measure time by the events which happen within a given space of it, rather than by its actual duration.
“Varney The Vampire” (1847)



  1. Just bought your book… I have to review about three books and then yours!!! THANK YOU!!! Emily

  2. Thank you for buying my book, Emily! 😀
    Take your time with the review, no hurry.
    I can’t wait to see what you think of Vampire Syndrome, because it’s quite a different style from yours.

  3. […] I have a really special treat for all you vampire-philes!! Daven Anderson from “Vampire Syndrome” agreed to write a special article for Vampire Wednesday. I’m honored to present. . […]

  4. Hi Daven. My first time here on your blog. Your story sounds intriguing with much to ponder and entertain. Happy to discover a new author!
    Been trying to contact you to let you know you won an ebook of Curse of the Chupacabra from my blog!
    If you could please e-mail me with your preferred format and email address, I’ll send your info to the author and he’ll be in touch about your books.
    Thanks so much,

  5. Very smart looking Blog. Amazing. Not at all like mine, which is a ‘one- room’ wonder. Proud to know you

    • Thank you so much Peter!
      Really, though, when it comes to blogs, content first, and this is where you triumph!

  6. […] Daven Anderson. […]

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